Why Seals are So Important to Water Filters

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Why Seals are So Important to Water Filters

Water filters are becoming increasingly important in today’s world with so much water being contaminated and containing harmful chemicals. Because of this, many people have adopted home water filters to reduce these harmful contaminants in their drinking water. However, many home water filters don’t have a proper seal to keep the filtered water clean and safe from contamination. 

Filtering your water at home can help reduce contaminants like lead, arsenic, and other harmful chemicals that can cause serious health issues if consumed regularly. Many of the water filters available on the market, like Brita™, don’t have a seal and are simply plastic on plastic. Without a proper seal on a water filter, contaminated water can seep into the filtered water and therefore recontaminate the water that has already been cleaned. 

This defeats the purpose of having a filter in the first place and makes the situation even more troublesome because you won’t know whether your water is contaminated, even if it’s already been filtered. Using a water filter with a seal is essential to getting purified drinking water and knowing you don’t have to worry about contamination.

At Aqua Clara, our Universal Cartridge Filter reduces many different contaminants and has the best seal in the market with a rubber stopper molded collar, making sure your filtered water stays clean and uncontaminated. Our filter is also certified to reduce odor, emerging compound contaminants such as bisphenol A, estrone, naproxen, and nonylphenol, and contains no lead. We are constantly adapting our filters to reduce new contaminants.

Our mission is to help communities in water-insecure areas access clean water through our water filtration systems. Much of the funding for our filter projects comes from donors and customers like you. While we're known for installing filters in water-insecure areas, we also have a commercial filter for your home. Our Universal Cartridge Filter fits most household filter products, includes a rubber seal to protect against contamination, and will purify your home's drinking water at a reasonable price. The proceeds of these filters help fund our projects all over the world.

About Aqua Clara International

Scientists long ago discovered how to purify unsafe water. To us, the central issue has been in designing solutions that are both sustainable and scalable and that can reach the millions in need while at the same time continuing to function without sustained outside input. Our target populations are those individuals and families who live on $2 per day or less.

We are a technology transfer organization. Our niche in clean water continues to be in designing science-based technologies that utilize locally available materials where possible and then transferring what we learn to those working in areas of need. The cost of our technologies varies by country and is dependent on the prevailing costs of raw materials, such as plastic containers, PVC piping, sand, etc. Learn more by visiting our website.

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